Clear Waters

Aftermath, fallout, impact, outcome, upshot

Vincent Bowen is on the phone to John Watts, who wants to know if the problem (i.e George Algernon Percy) had been solved. Vincent claims that the problem is solved. Then he gets a message from Dallas McFarland to check the news. He sees the smoldering house, recognises it and hopes that George Percy is dead. A body is brought out under a white sheet, it is unclear who it is. Vincent also has reminded John Watts that they have the minimum team numbers now.

Meanwhile John Watts has set up triggers to tell him of certain types of news from the area. After seeing the news he tells Vincent he will get back to him.

The group agree to meet in Charlotte to discuss the events. Marcus Witterburg calls William Powers with an update. He is also filled about what happened to Percy, who Marcus dismisses him as English and weird for everything which happened. His mother is getting closer to the location of their research facility to a business park. Also the third group, retired middle managers have also withdrawn from importunity to go to Poseidon.

John Watts calls back, the news is out that it was George Baptist who died not Percy. He tries to convince John that Percy is dead, but without any concrete information, his words fails to persuade. The previous demand for each of them to give a guarantee for the deal for Poseidon is put aside, since he has information that would cause them problems. He asks if they really want to go and that they will have to face the last remaining contender. Vincent says yes and then is told to keep a low profile.

The group consider this as good news, since as Dallas McFarland says, it is one less obstacle and they are good at surviving. The smuggling operation is two weeks away, in the meantime they have to sabotage some of the FMC’s equipment to satisfy the condition for John Peterson joining the group for the mission. For this Dallas scouts out the building.

Vincent and William go to visit Morgan and Stanley to see can they co-operate on the sabotage mission by being given some stolen equipment in exchange for help.


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