Clear Waters

Blue Plan-it?

Dallas McFarland and William Powers plan how to disrupt the research operations at the FMC. Dallas would disrupt the security and get viruses that can be injected into the machines. Which William, disguised as someone known to work with another incorp.

Arianna LeFevre gets contacted by her ELF contacts online to help a team who would be arriving in a few hours. A five member team needs to be met nearby and helped to meld into the local scene. Arianna is given the names of John Cobb and Willy Marshall as possible contacts. She calls John and arranges a tour in the afternoon.

The next day they go for another tour with lunch as an excuse to visit the Bonifay house and restaurant.

A hidden camera in a tree nearby, alerts Harry Bonifay of the people at his property. He calls Dallas to ask if she knows why they are there. He doesn’t understand why John didn’t tell him. She tells him, she doesn’t know anything and dismissed his call.


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