Clear Waters

Decisions have to be made

Life returns to normal as each of the characters return to their schemes. Over the next week Arianna LeFevre spots and is spotted by Vincent Bowen, William Powers and Dallas McFarland. They know know Arianna works for Anasi, which is a credible rival of Gendivers to supply the FMC.

They mostly ignore each other until William decides to follow the woman they know as …, home from work. She spots him and goes into Charlotte to party into the small hours. On the way home she tries to shake his tail but finds out he is better at this then it first appeared. She goes inside her apartment and William heads home. The next day she hires a security consultant to wire up her place, but is wont happen until the day after.

The group also find out that the bomb at Harry’s place went off, which is not what they expected.

William breaks into her home and is able to retrieve some files from her personal bodycomp that is left there. On it he finds a bubble chart that lays out the recent events with lines that attempt to work out which events are connected to which. Meanwhile William, Dallas and Vincent decide what to do with her, kill her is high up on the list. Instead they decide to have a meeting with her, unannounced.

They go to her place, she lets them in. They question her about who she is and about the chart that was found. They suspect she is an eco-terrorist and if that proves to be the case she is a threat, which needs to be dealt with. That she said was just some private research and not relaated to her work. They spot that the bombing at the FMC is not included as an event. Her response, she has been too busy to update it. During the conversation she tells them that she is a fixer, who has no particular belief set and which lowers her threat rating. She is annoyed that the bomb went off, so she gives them the phone number she used for the ELF, for them to get revenge. What she doesn’t know is they then give the number to the police to help Vincent keep up his CI quotient.


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