Clear Waters

George and George have some fun

George Baptist waits outside the house of George Algernon Percy, watching him leave for work and arrive after work. Managing to not bring any attention to himself. While waiting in his car, he decides to sleep for two hours, only to be woken by the sound of a hopper. So he jumps in a garden bush and watches.

Percy has been in contact with his GEO army buddies to organise an untraceable escape. He is packed and ready to go. The hopper wants to land on his lawn and comes down very close. However the manual landing is misjudged and the hopper crashes into the side of the house. The trust of flame knocks Percy on to the ground, smoke overwhelming him.

The Hopper lands properly half on the road and half on the lawn. The pilot runs out with a fire hood that has a breathing masks. Baptist runs to the hopper which he presumes is unguarded and is met by a guard with a gun at the ready and is ordered to drop his.

Percy recovers from the initial shock and begins to crawl to the back of the house. The pilot gets lost and confused in the smoke and flame and fails to find Percy. The guard gives a breathing mask to baptist to retrieve the pilot, following closely behind.

Baptist goes in and guides the pilot to the entrance, but when the pilot passes Baptist, he runs down the corridor to back of the house. The guard yells duck, fires and misses. Baptist goes into the utility room instead of the back door. Then climbs out the window.

The guard calls Percy who tells him, he is hiding in the over grown back garden. Baptist has a look, but doesn’t see him. The guard runs down the corridor, which Baptist hears and waits at the doors blindside to do an unarmed attack. The guard checks in time, sees the ambush and shoots one shot into the head for an instant kill. Then picks up Percy and brings him to the hopper.

The emergency services are on their way and chase the hopper, but they have a waiting vtol and fly low towards the Caribbean and out of harms way. After a few days in a London vet hospital, he again moves off the grid.


tadcan tadcan

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