Clear Waters

Intrigues new game

Marcus Witterburg shows up unannounced at William Powers door to his surprise. He is let in and messily helps himself to breakfast, then lightly brushes off William request to clean up after himself.

As Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William arrive at work, their login cards don’t work and they have to sign in by hand. Everyone is talking about the hacking event and it has become a watershed moment for the area, as people become aware of the stakes. They meet at lunch to plan the next step of laying a false trail of evidence. When Dallas hacks into the FMC she notices her progress is being trailed, so she does a file transfer and logs out. Also the front facing websites have been moved to a third party service. Then tells them about that they can’t plant anymore evidence.

William finds out that Vincent has to provide names of people to the Sheriff, which William sees as good news, they can plant evidence on their enemies. Like Anasi, who are vying for the contracts Willaims incorp want. They get the disguise kit and plan to plant so Ansai is a implicated.

John Watts calls Vincent to ask about the hacking job. He is just checking up, but isn’t satisfied by the brief answers. He tells him that he doesn’t like the idea of valuable research to save the world being destroyed and reminds him they need to keep out of trouble.

Arianna LeFevre gets a call from Camile Westerhaven about the safety of her mother, which Arianna reassures her is not in danger. Camile gives her the number of a security team that can be called if the situation changes. At work Joanna Westerhaven goes out with Arianna to view all the facilities at the FMC for what can be supplied by Anasi. She takes copious notes. They then are denied access to the main FMC building, so Joanna makes a speech, holding up a thick folder on all the work her assistant has done on the project.

The main group decide to infiltrate Marcus into a political group to help with the planting of evidence that can disrupt their rivals. He is enthusiastic, but needs a few days to learn the political information.

William plants the disguise remnants in the dumpster used by Anasi. Vincent sends a message to the sheriff about where some evidence can be found. The Sheriff wants to meet him. Once there he asks Vincent how he came about the information and picks holes in his story, like the description of the men or if he overheard the conversation or was told this directly, which he uses interchangeably.

After he tells his friends the meeting didn’t go well, while Marcus reports some deputies and a detective collected the evidence. They plan to have Marcus hire some fall guys that match the description.

Later Arianna hears that a bomb will go off on the FMC grounds during a protest meeting. A stage is being set up for various people to make a speech from across the political opinions. Joanna decides to also address the crowd and give an alternative point of view.

The speeches are partly organsised by Mr Dread and Mrs Dread. While 5-0, Beatle and The lady have joined the work study program to stir up the pot.

The Dean starts off the proceedings, appealing for calm, rational debate and clear heads, that message isn’t well received. Each speaker has been arranged to go between the different viewpoints, from freedom of purpose and links, to bringing in many incorp and government partners and different shades in between.

When Joanna strides onto the stage, silence falls, if this was a boardroom her message would be well received, but it was filled with a hostile crowd. Persevering her message was conveyed over stony eyes. While words of co-operation were received well by some who worked or studied at the FMC, hearing it from the horses mouth was something else. An ear shattering boom cut off her words, a billow of smoke and a fall of debris followed down.

Chaos broke out among the crowd, but stage hands rushed forward to bring the executive off the stage and around the side of the building, with Arianna at her side.

In the crowd, Marcus starts a shout that carried through and raised their emotions even higher. Death to the incorps, Death to the incorps. A riot breaks out and the campus officeses rented by the all the incorps get raided and sacked. Dallas and William use the opportunity to take the paper documents from the Anasi office. The computer system, a VPN has no local data.

William passes the information passes to his boss, who passes it down the line.

After the bomb, John Watts calls Vincent again and asks if they were involved. He admits that the hacking job was theirs, in an attempt to show their ‘good points’. John doesn’t take the news well and tells them he will give the other team their details, to take care of them, then hangs up.

They plan to raid the BHouse secret research center.

Arianna goes to Miami with Joanna, where she picks a hotel, settles in with a G+T, then sends Arianna on her way.

Jamie Bonifay calls Dallas, Harry Bonifay has been kidnapped by the people at the restaurant. John Cobb came around to the house to tell her. Dallas arranges to meet them at the pier, while they tool up to free him.

Meanwhile Arianna notices that he has gone missing, so she calls up Willy Marshall and pays him off to get an address, which he does. So she sets off to take care of the loose end.


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