Clear Waters

Planning with a map

Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William Powers meet again the next evening. In short they plan three routes like this.

A Hopper or Jumpcraft rented from Morgan and Stanley off the cargo ship then onto the Florida headland. Or by smaller cargo vessel. They have three transportation firms that could arrange it once on land. Harry Bonifay has reaches out to a contact in Tampa. They give prices for direct moving of the goods. Either as part of a consignment to Kansas city or a custom load to a destination of choice.

The middle way is to directly move the container by VTOL to Oklahoma. William reaches out to his contact who can arrange for a colleague move some ‘furniture’ back home. Allowing them to do some slight of hand. It is the fastest, but hardest to pull off since VTOL’s are watched by the US border defensive agencies.

The third way is to bring it off by normal hopper, by ship to Houston, leaving a clean run up to Oklahoma. Harry’s contact has connections to arrange the transport and paper work.

They all notice missing posters for George Algernon Percy. This makes them concerned about what is happening. Marcus Witterburg calls William to tell him if Bhouse hear about the posters they could cut their group out for being below the minimum number for the team. Also the college kids have withdrawn under pressure. He will be busy getting money for more gifts to get the location of the Bhouse servers. They debated if they should give him the money. Or at least hire him on the smuggling job.


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