Clear Waters

The doctor is out

Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William Powers go to look for George Algernon Percy. Dallas asks about him at the place he works and are told he was called away on an emergency close to end of the working day. She got a number for the family from the house records and wakes his mother at 3am. The mother hasn’t heard anything and becomes distraught.

They have three names and descriptions for hoods who may be open to giving information. John Russo, aspiring capo, party guy. Anthony Vella, brains. Frank Carna, muscle.*First William checks out the nightclub by satellite photo, checking the area around it. He also finds photo’s for John Russo.

They go to Miami, get an abandoned car, Dallas fixes it up. They also pick the area as a meeting place. Then without a plan walk into the club. It being early on a Friday they get past the bouncers, but get a look for not being in party cloths. William gets a nod. Inside they spot the various levels of Mafia in the booths at the side, plus the three in question.

William calls over a waiter and hands a note, which says to meet at a location for a business meeting. Then walks out. The other two follow suit. This draws attention. William looks back and the waiter is pointing to him.

They go to the place. Later a car pulls up with four hoods. William is outside the car to one side, while the other two are in the car. One of them hands him the note and asks if he gave it. William responds he didn’t come to talk to him, ‘but I came’, was the response. Behind him comes another car with three including John Russo. William is walked to him, with a thug behind him. The other two take cover and watch the two PC’s.

William asks about give information to find a friend of theirs. John asks if the friend owes money, if so that would be the answer. He doesn’t know about that. John asks for a name. When he gets it he relaxes, smiles and just gives an address and says he is being kept against his will and to listen for the screaming. They then leave.

The house is on the spit of land that is Miami beach. They go up the the mansion on open ground, lights are triggered and the door opens. A butler comes out, they ask for their George, he responds that he cannot talk about anybody present. They ask different ways and get the same answer.

Vincent sends Morgan a message asking about intrusion equipment. Hey Dude, come over, is the response. They rent two intrusion suits and some equipment to break in. They ask what the place is, and are asked if they enjoy pain, ‘Its not so bad’, no, I mean ‘enjoy’ pain. It is a place for S+M. William and Dallas sneak up, but hesitate about breaking in. He had spotted a car arrive, but the lights were not triggered. That car now leaves.

They follow the car, Vincent drives in from to force it to stop. The cars collide. They get out and face a very frightened seventy year old man. He tells them he doesn’t meet the other customers, but the place is quiet.

Dallas and William break in using her knowledge. The computer system is in three parts. The security is hardwired, but gives a map of the house. The most open is the online store etc. While customer section is encrypted. She takes a copy of the encrypted data. They find the stairs down to the basement, go through the laundry room.

In the ‘Dungeon’ they find George naked and upside down being punished. They take him out of there. In the car he explains he was called out for an emergency, but liked what he saw and stayed. Didn’t know he was missing or that four days had passed. He calls his mother and is sent to explain himself to the Charlotte police.


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