Clear Waters

The FMC gambit begins

After a three days of planning Dallas McFarland gains access to the FMC’s admin account in the network. She makes a persona for William Powers as a security guard. He uses a disguise kit to alter his features and makes a crude but effective uniform.

Vincent Bowen has a meeting with his contact who reminds him of the limited time left. He contacts Dallas to help him plant incriminating evidence against a Chinese student studying at the FMC.

Dallas William and Vincent are contacted by Harry Bonifay who is complaining about the people staying at his house. He had confronted them, telling them to get out. John Cobb and Harry had an argument, with Harry feeling betrayed by his friend. He pulls out a rifle, only to have the group respond with like. Arianna LeFevre is also there and has been taking with John, trying to get him to open up and find the source of the recent crime wave. Meanwhile the new group are planning their first move.

William enters the FMC in his disguise. Without problem he injects varies machines with viruses. While leaving he passes two other guards who fail to be concerned at his presence.

Over the next two days the damage is done. Protests sweep through the FMC in an already politicized population. Vincent passes on some information, arrests are made. William by his boss that Anasi have also offered to replace the broken equipment, which could be a problem. They had been trying to get a contract to build a new first aid center. Now they plan to plant some more evidence to discredit Anasi as well.


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