Clear Waters

Of meetings and men

Arianna LeFevre goes to meet John Cobb, parks nearby, does a recce, then just walks up to the house, dog barking upon her arrival. She knocks and is answered by the Bonifays eldest daughter who is pointing a rifle at her. John is behind her with another gun, she is brought in. She has a chat with john and offers to help free Harry. She gets a tentative agreement, calls her people, talks with Harry, who is in an angry mood. And has to be talked into co-operating.

Dallas McFarland, William Powers, Vincent Bowen, meet with Jamie Bonifay, who agrees to pay for the cost of the rescue. They hire a boat to get to the house.

Meanwhile Arianna hires a hopper to get the house quickly because the agreement to keep the prisoner safe, allowing them to escape expires in forty minutes. They get to the house, where they are placed in circle of sensors that has a bomb in the middle. They are told the bomb will deactivate in three hours.

Dallas, William, Vincent arrive at the house and a question and answer session happens as they determine who is in there and what is happening. They arrive at a solution to cut through the roof and use a hoist to pull them out.

They have another chat with Arianna, who presents herself as a special planner, who can help in a wide variety of situations. She is told they will be in touch.


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