Clear Waters

The new girl settles in

Arianna LeFevre settles into her place at * office. On her lunch break she goes to investigate the shooting near the FMC to rescue Marcus. They describe a big gun fight and make it sound like a war had broken out. One guy bravely tells how he came out with his shotgun and said he has bought an assault rifle for next time.

Her manager is Camile Westerhaven a semi-retired executive from ****, there to live out her remaining time in a backwater post. However, very much the professional, she does her job to the best possible standards. Getting Arianna to gather information so she knows how to make a sales pitch to the FMC.

Camiles daughter, Joanne Westerhaven has called Arianna and warnings to make sure nothing bad happens to her mother.

Meanwhile Arianna is doing further research into the events in the area. News reports about the earlier shooting in the everglades mangrove woods and the disappearance of George Algernon Percy.

Vincent Bowen went to visit Morgan and Stanley to hire an assassin to kill George Percy. Not having much money he got a new kid on the cheap for the job. He gave two days for the job to be done, but he has to talk with the boss of BHouse industries the next day to reassure him, nothing will blow back on him.

William Powers introduces his friend John Peterson to Dallas McFarland and Vincent to talk about joining the group. He makes a good impression and asks about the current situation. Vincent reassures him that the George problem has been taken care of. Since George was the leader mission and Vincent his assistant, Vincent has been promoted and is also taking the initiative to get this done. Before no clear leader emerged from the group.


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