Clear Waters

This is the end my friend

Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William Powers wait for their next big job. They find out from John Cobb that Harry Bonifay and Jamie Bonifay have been brought in for questioning.

Sheriff Jacobs questions the three main players and ask them if they know each other, if they know Harry and Jamie. They all give various stories about how much they know and what they were up to. Jacobs has a picture of them meeting Jamie at the pier on the day of the attack. Vincent is able to claim he was just hired as a pilot and doesn’t know anything else. Dallas and William are arrested as suspects in the recent bombing.

With evidence of fibers on their clothes from cutting two openings into to roof that places them at the crime scene, where evidence of bomb making has been left behind. John Peterson, Williams boss arranges for an expensive lawyer, who is aided by a lawyer hired by Ralph.

They take the mostly true story that they were rescuing a friend from terrorists and offer Arianna LeFevre, who they know as Alice as a member of the terrorist gang. Meanwhile the ELF names and pictures have been used to track and arrest them. Anasi, abandon Arianna to her jail cell.

Next they turn their attention to BHouse industries. They scout out the industrial unit that has been hired. With fixed cameras over entrances, two drones circling overhead and ten security guards who patrol day and night.

William call John Watts to say they have survived from the threat of the rival team and therefore they are aptly qualified. John Watts is incredulous and again tells them they are not being considered.

William follows home, but is spotted. So Vincent gets a call from the Bulldog security as a warning to stay away from BHouse. They spend time considering whether it is wise to make a move or not, with the initial attitude being split. After much debate and research, they hire a team via Morgan and Stanley to do a quick smash and grab job.

They overcome security and grab information from the servers. They find out that the anti-poison biomod is not the fabled revolution that it was claimed to be. Instead they find a lab built made to uplift sharks. In a another place they have been bre.

The team sell the information to Gendiver for $30 Million, with half going to M and S.

Now with a small fortune they can make their own lives, instead of relying on others.


tadcan tadcan

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