Dallas McFarland

Name: Dallas Goal: get with parents to Poseidon Backgrounds:
Age: Motivation: Professional: GEO, University
Gender: F Attitude:
Species: Human Role:
Physique: 0 Coordination: 1 Cognition: 1 Psyche: 1
Endurance: 0 Reflexes: 2 Toughness: 0
Administration: 1 Farming: 1 Stealth: 2
Bureaucracy: 3 Animal Husbandry: Disguise: 1
Economics: Agriculture: Fast talk: 1
Law: Aquaculture: Forced Entry: 2
Logistics: Hydroponics: Forgery:
Planning: Misdirection:
Stealth: 2
Athletics: 1 Fine Arts: 1 Survival: 2
Aquatics: Crafting: 2 Foraging:
Freefall: Graphics: Mountaineering:
Sports: Performance: Navigation:
Tracking: 1
Combat: 2 Medicine: 1 Tech: 3
Armed Melee: Forensic Medicine: Computers: 7
Heavy Weapons: 1 Medicine: Demolitions: 1
Remote Weapons: Pharmacology: Electronics: 3
Small Arms: 1 Psychology: Mechanics: 3
Unarmed Melee: 1 Surgery: Remote Operations: 5
Communication: 1 Sciences: 1 Vehicles: 1
Language: 5* Astronomy: Boating:
Leadership: Ecoscience: Driving: 2
Persuasion: 1 Geoscience: Piloting:
Writing: 2 Life Science:
* Chinese 2, Espan 3 Physical Science: 2
Culture: 1 Sentient Sciences: 1
Cetacean: Anthropology:
Colonial: Archeology:
Earth: 5 History: 1
GEO: 4 Politics: 2
Human (Cetacean only): Theology:
Incorporate: 2
Gear Biodmods Armour
Cyber eyes (Freeze frame, Light-amplification 220) none
Sense of direction 234
Implanted Computer
Accelerated Neurons 234
Hunting Rifle 3 10 10 100 200 600 9

The lady on the picture is a bit too old for Dallas, but for a general impression it is ok. Dallas has blue eyes and shaggy blonde, short hair.

Hey! What are you looking at?! Yeah, you! What do you want from me?!
What?! You want to hear my story? Well, okay, but what’s in there for me? Are you serious? Giving me money to tell my story! Sure!
My name is Dallas McFarland, I grew up here in Texas and had quite a nice childhood. My parents told me that it is important to be ambitious and that if I am good at what I do I could flee from this world and make a new start on Poseidon. And that was how I ended up in university. I am fascinated by big game and not only on land, but also cetaceans. The bigger, the better. It was a great day, when I met some guy who told me that there is money in that hunting and catching animals. So I spend the time, I had off from university, to train my hunting skills. I earned some money with that and I think it is way better to live all the stuff I learned in university and see the animals and there classifications on the living object. My big hope is that I will earn enough to finally get away from this dying planet and start a new life. There is nothing here, that makes me believe that Earth will live up to his old glory. I am convinced that as soon as I have arrived at Poseidon I will find a way to bring my parents over as well. Not that they have a bad life here, but I think they believe even less in mankind on Earth than I do. We have to reach for the stars to achieve something!
I really hate how all those eco-lunatics bug us hard working people about the future and our part in it. Well, if they would pay as much as the people who ask for the treasures (seldom animals for their collections) I sell, I would happily support them. But of course, they don’t.
Anyway, hardly more trustworthy are all the people I meet selling my stuff. Not only the small fish, but also the really big ones. Normally I have a contact person, Ralph, he knows lots of rich people who are willing to pay a lot for what I do. Not that I distrust Ralph as a person, but it is just not right that he knows so many of those people (politicians, researchers, businessmen), he has to be dodgy and ruthless when he deals with them. I think he pays me too little, but hey, it’s a steady income and I love what I do. It’s the perfect practical acting-out of what I learned at university. And it really helps to estimate the price for what I catch.
Don’t look so shocked. There are things I won’t do. If anyone earned by trust I am loyal. And I would never risk to not end a job successfully because of my personal feelings. There was this horrible trip, when I had to bear sharing a boat with a group of those neo-hippies for more than a week. It paid well, but I am not sure if it was worth all the headaches. And of course I would never ever lay my hands on a kid. I don’t think that I have to explain that. Maybe there are more lines I would not cross, but hey, even if you pay me I won’t make this into a session about my inner values and morals. Shit, now you made me all emotional… that’s enough. If you want any more stories come back another time.

Birthday: 4th of May
Zodiac: Taurus.
Family: Father Thomas McFarland, Engineer working in the Food Industry.
Mother Anne McFarland, Nurse in a hospital.
Brother Benjamin McFarland,
Hobbies: Hunting, tinkering around,

Views on…

…Vincent Bowen: He has good ideas, but he rushes into things before he asks his ‘friends’ (us, of course).

…George Algernon Percy: I so hope he’s dead. And if he isn’t he should keep is head down.

…William Powers: I hope he is trustworthy enough. Let’s see how good he is at planning.

…John Watts: What’s his background? I’m sure he can’t be trusted, but how could we find out more about him? He knows too much about us already, but we don’t really have a choice, right?

…Ralph: He seems reliable and almost trustworthy. This job just has to work out!

…Morgan&Stanley: You don’t have to like them as long as they honor their word and get the job done.

…Marcus: At least he does what he promises to, even though we should make sure that he doesn’t chicken out.

(April 9th)

Dallas McFarland

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