Clear Waters

The intrigue begins

Vincent Bowen is questioned by the campus police and the County troopers. Their is also a team from the FMC doing an investigation into the events and the risks of future tours. The questions are soft and it is clear its just a formality. Gets offered some latenight jobs moving goods.

She is questioned as above. County sheriff Jacobs asks some hard questions about the events. Why she went back to the house instead of leaving. She simply says she remembered someone was left behind and wanted to check on him. He asks about the timeline and the delay in calling for help. She claims it took them longer to get back then leave.

A random person walks up to Dallas with the number for Jamie Bonnifay. They meet in Charlotte city, she asks Dallas to move the items to the next people. Their will be a reward. After some questions she agrees. The directions have been given to a doctor.

Later she is called Ralph who is staying in the hotel. They talk about arranging the smuggling operation, the problem because of the large size of the cargo. In the bar a P.I shows them a picture of a missing person, i.e Marcus asking if they have seen him. They say no

George calls her. They arrange to meet at a statute outside a campus building. After a short exchange the note is handed over and they part ways.

William Powers
He is questioned as above. Jacobs wants to know who started firing first. Where the gun came from. He says it was handed to him after they started shooting. That Harry Bonifay had been hit at the same time. They hid until it was safe to return and then called for help.

Later he gets a visit from the Gendiver rep, who is his local manager. He explains how important the approaching elections are and the necessity to get information, so as to make inroads into the organisation.

He can leave in two days, being kept in for observation.

George Algernon Percy treated Harry Bonifay at the FMC before he was airlifted to Miami. Afterwards a pretty woman rushes to George asking for help. He is brought to a jumpcraft, frisked by some thugs in suits and brought to a temporary field hospital. Some GP’s have also been kidnapped but are out of their dept. George takes command and organises the operations. At the end of the day he is given an envelope with cash and told if he gets any information about who did this their is more where that came from.

He gets to his house and after cleaning himself up finds the note. He reads it but it uses references he doesn’t know about so doesn’t get the context. He calls Jamie, who says she is busy, pass the note to a friend and gives Dallas’ number.

Generally the county police have increased patrols, stepping on the toes of the campus police. Rumour has it they are reminding people who really is in charge. There has been an unofficial attitude of independence in the area.

Its complicated...
The tour pt2

Vincent is guided by Willy to a large island where a jumpcraft can collect them. The tourists have been on their phones, so news of the incident is spreading. On the way Dallas got a call from Ralph., who asked if she could look into finding smuggling routes for a large shipment coming in. She said she would get back to him. On the island she talks to Willy and they head back to the house.
Meanwhile the three have escape from the house. Harry does some first aid to patch up the wound. Leaving him in the dark they check out the stash and remain evasive. They return to the ransacked house. They meet up with Willy and Dallas. John gets a message on his phone. The monitoring software has been triggered. The goons are on the island looking for the stash. All decide to intervene. They sneak up and ambush them. Dallas keeps quiet about being skilled with a gun and William shoots despite his bad shoulder.
Three go down and two are out of sight. Harry and William go ashore. Harry is critically shot and one surrenders. Marcus is taken prisoner. At the island was a jetty. A section of planks are lifted up and a large plastic wrapped object is taken up. The sound of a jumpcraft approaches and they flee, it might be the police or the mafia, either is bad.
On another island Marcus tells them about his opportunity for going to Poseidon that has been arranged by his mothers new husband. Eccentric scientist and head of the small Bhouse industries. Marcus stays in hiding, Harry and William get airlifted away. William straight to Miami and Harry first to the FMC, where Percy a retired doctor does triage. He slips a note into the doc’s pocket for his wife.

The tour pt1

On tour in Everglades. Stopped at Harry Bonifay’s restaurant on stilts hidden in the jungle. Tour guide John Cobb goes off to with Harry. The wife and three daughters serve the food on the large porch. Willy Marshall the pilot sits by the house entrance. Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William Powers sit at a table but don’t talk to each other. After thirty minutes the wife looks slightly concerned. William goes down to the jetty and looks at the storage area below the house. Sees Harry and John returning and goes to meet them.
Meanwhile another boat is heard coming. Vincent asks Willy about what is going on but is stone walled. Dallas moves to the behind the solid banister around the edge of the porch to spy whomever is approaching. It is a boat like their own with heavies in suits. Vincent rallies the tourists and they go down to the jetty. Dallas follows last.
The heavies don’t speak, but one gestures commands. Two go up and two approach the storage place under house on the walkway. William pulls his gun and orders them to stop. One freezes the other tries to run forward. He shoots, the leader and the guy who froze shoot back. He hits one, but is also hit in the shoulder.
After some difficulty Vincent manoeuvres the boat with the tourists to safety. Dallas is the only one watching and quietly draws her gun to return fire at William who has shot first.
Harry and John convince William to leave with them he initially wanted to fight it out, despite being out numbered and wounded.

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