Clear Waters

This is the end my friend

Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William Powers wait for their next big job. They find out from John Cobb that Harry Bonifay and Jamie Bonifay have been brought in for questioning.

Sheriff Jacobs questions the three main players and ask them if they know each other, if they know Harry and Jamie. They all give various stories about how much they know and what they were up to. Jacobs has a picture of them meeting Jamie at the pier on the day of the attack. Vincent is able to claim he was just hired as a pilot and doesn’t know anything else. Dallas and William are arrested as suspects in the recent bombing.

With evidence of fibers on their clothes from cutting two openings into to roof that places them at the crime scene, where evidence of bomb making has been left behind. John Peterson, Williams boss arranges for an expensive lawyer, who is aided by a lawyer hired by Ralph.

They take the mostly true story that they were rescuing a friend from terrorists and offer Arianna LeFevre, who they know as Alice as a member of the terrorist gang. Meanwhile the ELF names and pictures have been used to track and arrest them. Anasi, abandon Arianna to her jail cell.

Next they turn their attention to BHouse industries. They scout out the industrial unit that has been hired. With fixed cameras over entrances, two drones circling overhead and ten security guards who patrol day and night.

William call John Watts to say they have survived from the threat of the rival team and therefore they are aptly qualified. John Watts is incredulous and again tells them they are not being considered.

William follows home, but is spotted. So Vincent gets a call from the Bulldog security as a warning to stay away from BHouse. They spend time considering whether it is wise to make a move or not, with the initial attitude being split. After much debate and research, they hire a team via Morgan and Stanley to do a quick smash and grab job.

They overcome security and grab information from the servers. They find out that the anti-poison biomod is not the fabled revolution that it was claimed to be. Instead they find a lab built made to uplift sharks. In a another place they have been bre.

The team sell the information to Gendiver for $30 Million, with half going to M and S.

Now with a small fortune they can make their own lives, instead of relying on others.

Decisions have to be made

Life returns to normal as each of the characters return to their schemes. Over the next week Arianna LeFevre spots and is spotted by Vincent Bowen, William Powers and Dallas McFarland. They know know Arianna works for Anasi, which is a credible rival of Gendivers to supply the FMC.

They mostly ignore each other until William decides to follow the woman they know as …, home from work. She spots him and goes into Charlotte to party into the small hours. On the way home she tries to shake his tail but finds out he is better at this then it first appeared. She goes inside her apartment and William heads home. The next day she hires a security consultant to wire up her place, but is wont happen until the day after.

The group also find out that the bomb at Harry’s place went off, which is not what they expected.

William breaks into her home and is able to retrieve some files from her personal bodycomp that is left there. On it he finds a bubble chart that lays out the recent events with lines that attempt to work out which events are connected to which. Meanwhile William, Dallas and Vincent decide what to do with her, kill her is high up on the list. Instead they decide to have a meeting with her, unannounced.

They go to her place, she lets them in. They question her about who she is and about the chart that was found. They suspect she is an eco-terrorist and if that proves to be the case she is a threat, which needs to be dealt with. That she said was just some private research and not relaated to her work. They spot that the bombing at the FMC is not included as an event. Her response, she has been too busy to update it. During the conversation she tells them that she is a fixer, who has no particular belief set and which lowers her threat rating. She is annoyed that the bomb went off, so she gives them the phone number she used for the ELF, for them to get revenge. What she doesn’t know is they then give the number to the police to help Vincent keep up his CI quotient.

Of meetings and men

Arianna LeFevre goes to meet John Cobb, parks nearby, does a recce, then just walks up to the house, dog barking upon her arrival. She knocks and is answered by the Bonifays eldest daughter who is pointing a rifle at her. John is behind her with another gun, she is brought in. She has a chat with john and offers to help free Harry. She gets a tentative agreement, calls her people, talks with Harry, who is in an angry mood. And has to be talked into co-operating.

Dallas McFarland, William Powers, Vincent Bowen, meet with Jamie Bonifay, who agrees to pay for the cost of the rescue. They hire a boat to get to the house.

Meanwhile Arianna hires a hopper to get the house quickly because the agreement to keep the prisoner safe, allowing them to escape expires in forty minutes. They get to the house, where they are placed in circle of sensors that has a bomb in the middle. They are told the bomb will deactivate in three hours.

Dallas, William, Vincent arrive at the house and a question and answer session happens as they determine who is in there and what is happening. They arrive at a solution to cut through the roof and use a hoist to pull them out.

They have another chat with Arianna, who presents herself as a special planner, who can help in a wide variety of situations. She is told they will be in touch.

Intrigues new game

Marcus Witterburg shows up unannounced at William Powers door to his surprise. He is let in and messily helps himself to breakfast, then lightly brushes off William request to clean up after himself.

As Dallas McFarland, Vincent Bowen and William arrive at work, their login cards don’t work and they have to sign in by hand. Everyone is talking about the hacking event and it has become a watershed moment for the area, as people become aware of the stakes. They meet at lunch to plan the next step of laying a false trail of evidence. When Dallas hacks into the FMC she notices her progress is being trailed, so she does a file transfer and logs out. Also the front facing websites have been moved to a third party service. Then tells them about that they can’t plant anymore evidence.

William finds out that Vincent has to provide names of people to the Sheriff, which William sees as good news, they can plant evidence on their enemies. Like Anasi, who are vying for the contracts Willaims incorp want. They get the disguise kit and plan to plant so Ansai is a implicated.

John Watts calls Vincent to ask about the hacking job. He is just checking up, but isn’t satisfied by the brief answers. He tells him that he doesn’t like the idea of valuable research to save the world being destroyed and reminds him they need to keep out of trouble.

Arianna LeFevre gets a call from Camile Westerhaven about the safety of her mother, which Arianna reassures her is not in danger. Camile gives her the number of a security team that can be called if the situation changes. At work Joanna Westerhaven goes out with Arianna to view all the facilities at the FMC for what can be supplied by Anasi. She takes copious notes. They then are denied access to the main FMC building, so Joanna makes a speech, holding up a thick folder on all the work her assistant has done on the project.

The main group decide to infiltrate Marcus into a political group to help with the planting of evidence that can disrupt their rivals. He is enthusiastic, but needs a few days to learn the political information.

William plants the disguise remnants in the dumpster used by Anasi. Vincent sends a message to the sheriff about where some evidence can be found. The Sheriff wants to meet him. Once there he asks Vincent how he came about the information and picks holes in his story, like the description of the men or if he overheard the conversation or was told this directly, which he uses interchangeably.

After he tells his friends the meeting didn’t go well, while Marcus reports some deputies and a detective collected the evidence. They plan to have Marcus hire some fall guys that match the description.

Later Arianna hears that a bomb will go off on the FMC grounds during a protest meeting. A stage is being set up for various people to make a speech from across the political opinions. Joanna decides to also address the crowd and give an alternative point of view.

The speeches are partly organsised by Mr Dread and Mrs Dread. While 5-0, Beatle and The lady have joined the work study program to stir up the pot.

The Dean starts off the proceedings, appealing for calm, rational debate and clear heads, that message isn’t well received. Each speaker has been arranged to go between the different viewpoints, from freedom of purpose and links, to bringing in many incorp and government partners and different shades in between.

When Joanna strides onto the stage, silence falls, if this was a boardroom her message would be well received, but it was filled with a hostile crowd. Persevering her message was conveyed over stony eyes. While words of co-operation were received well by some who worked or studied at the FMC, hearing it from the horses mouth was something else. An ear shattering boom cut off her words, a billow of smoke and a fall of debris followed down.

Chaos broke out among the crowd, but stage hands rushed forward to bring the executive off the stage and around the side of the building, with Arianna at her side.

In the crowd, Marcus starts a shout that carried through and raised their emotions even higher. Death to the incorps, Death to the incorps. A riot breaks out and the campus officeses rented by the all the incorps get raided and sacked. Dallas and William use the opportunity to take the paper documents from the Anasi office. The computer system, a VPN has no local data.

William passes the information passes to his boss, who passes it down the line.

After the bomb, John Watts calls Vincent again and asks if they were involved. He admits that the hacking job was theirs, in an attempt to show their ‘good points’. John doesn’t take the news well and tells them he will give the other team their details, to take care of them, then hangs up.

They plan to raid the BHouse secret research center.

Arianna goes to Miami with Joanna, where she picks a hotel, settles in with a G+T, then sends Arianna on her way.

Jamie Bonifay calls Dallas, Harry Bonifay has been kidnapped by the people at the restaurant. John Cobb came around to the house to tell her. Dallas arranges to meet them at the pier, while they tool up to free him.

Meanwhile Arianna notices that he has gone missing, so she calls up Willy Marshall and pays him off to get an address, which he does. So she sets off to take care of the loose end.

The FMC gambit begins

After a three days of planning Dallas McFarland gains access to the FMC’s admin account in the network. She makes a persona for William Powers as a security guard. He uses a disguise kit to alter his features and makes a crude but effective uniform.

Vincent Bowen has a meeting with his contact who reminds him of the limited time left. He contacts Dallas to help him plant incriminating evidence against a Chinese student studying at the FMC.

Dallas William and Vincent are contacted by Harry Bonifay who is complaining about the people staying at his house. He had confronted them, telling them to get out. John Cobb and Harry had an argument, with Harry feeling betrayed by his friend. He pulls out a rifle, only to have the group respond with like. Arianna LeFevre is also there and has been taking with John, trying to get him to open up and find the source of the recent crime wave. Meanwhile the new group are planning their first move.

William enters the FMC in his disguise. Without problem he injects varies machines with viruses. While leaving he passes two other guards who fail to be concerned at his presence.

Over the next two days the damage is done. Protests sweep through the FMC in an already politicized population. Vincent passes on some information, arrests are made. William by his boss that Anasi have also offered to replace the broken equipment, which could be a problem. They had been trying to get a contract to build a new first aid center. Now they plan to plant some more evidence to discredit Anasi as well.

Blue Plan-it?

Dallas McFarland and William Powers plan how to disrupt the research operations at the FMC. Dallas would disrupt the security and get viruses that can be injected into the machines. Which William, disguised as someone known to work with another incorp.

Arianna LeFevre gets contacted by her ELF contacts online to help a team who would be arriving in a few hours. A five member team needs to be met nearby and helped to meld into the local scene. Arianna is given the names of John Cobb and Willy Marshall as possible contacts. She calls John and arranges a tour in the afternoon.

The next day they go for another tour with lunch as an excuse to visit the Bonifay house and restaurant.

A hidden camera in a tree nearby, alerts Harry Bonifay of the people at his property. He calls Dallas to ask if she knows why they are there. He doesn’t understand why John didn’t tell him. She tells him, she doesn’t know anything and dismissed his call.

Aftermath, fallout, impact, outcome, upshot

Vincent Bowen is on the phone to John Watts, who wants to know if the problem (i.e George Algernon Percy) had been solved. Vincent claims that the problem is solved. Then he gets a message from Dallas McFarland to check the news. He sees the smoldering house, recognises it and hopes that George Percy is dead. A body is brought out under a white sheet, it is unclear who it is. Vincent also has reminded John Watts that they have the minimum team numbers now.

Meanwhile John Watts has set up triggers to tell him of certain types of news from the area. After seeing the news he tells Vincent he will get back to him.

The group agree to meet in Charlotte to discuss the events. Marcus Witterburg calls William Powers with an update. He is also filled about what happened to Percy, who Marcus dismisses him as English and weird for everything which happened. His mother is getting closer to the location of their research facility to a business park. Also the third group, retired middle managers have also withdrawn from importunity to go to Poseidon.

John Watts calls back, the news is out that it was George Baptist who died not Percy. He tries to convince John that Percy is dead, but without any concrete information, his words fails to persuade. The previous demand for each of them to give a guarantee for the deal for Poseidon is put aside, since he has information that would cause them problems. He asks if they really want to go and that they will have to face the last remaining contender. Vincent says yes and then is told to keep a low profile.

The group consider this as good news, since as Dallas McFarland says, it is one less obstacle and they are good at surviving. The smuggling operation is two weeks away, in the meantime they have to sabotage some of the FMC’s equipment to satisfy the condition for John Peterson joining the group for the mission. For this Dallas scouts out the building.

Vincent and William go to visit Morgan and Stanley to see can they co-operate on the sabotage mission by being given some stolen equipment in exchange for help.

George and George have some fun

George Baptist waits outside the house of George Algernon Percy, watching him leave for work and arrive after work. Managing to not bring any attention to himself. While waiting in his car, he decides to sleep for two hours, only to be woken by the sound of a hopper. So he jumps in a garden bush and watches.

Percy has been in contact with his GEO army buddies to organise an untraceable escape. He is packed and ready to go. The hopper wants to land on his lawn and comes down very close. However the manual landing is misjudged and the hopper crashes into the side of the house. The trust of flame knocks Percy on to the ground, smoke overwhelming him.

The Hopper lands properly half on the road and half on the lawn. The pilot runs out with a fire hood that has a breathing masks. Baptist runs to the hopper which he presumes is unguarded and is met by a guard with a gun at the ready and is ordered to drop his.

Percy recovers from the initial shock and begins to crawl to the back of the house. The pilot gets lost and confused in the smoke and flame and fails to find Percy. The guard gives a breathing mask to baptist to retrieve the pilot, following closely behind.

Baptist goes in and guides the pilot to the entrance, but when the pilot passes Baptist, he runs down the corridor to back of the house. The guard yells duck, fires and misses. Baptist goes into the utility room instead of the back door. Then climbs out the window.

The guard calls Percy who tells him, he is hiding in the over grown back garden. Baptist has a look, but doesn’t see him. The guard runs down the corridor, which Baptist hears and waits at the doors blindside to do an unarmed attack. The guard checks in time, sees the ambush and shoots one shot into the head for an instant kill. Then picks up Percy and brings him to the hopper.

The emergency services are on their way and chase the hopper, but they have a waiting vtol and fly low towards the Caribbean and out of harms way. After a few days in a London vet hospital, he again moves off the grid.

The new girl settles in

Arianna LeFevre settles into her place at * office. On her lunch break she goes to investigate the shooting near the FMC to rescue Marcus. They describe a big gun fight and make it sound like a war had broken out. One guy bravely tells how he came out with his shotgun and said he has bought an assault rifle for next time.

Her manager is Camile Westerhaven a semi-retired executive from ****, there to live out her remaining time in a backwater post. However, very much the professional, she does her job to the best possible standards. Getting Arianna to gather information so she knows how to make a sales pitch to the FMC.

Camiles daughter, Joanne Westerhaven has called Arianna and warnings to make sure nothing bad happens to her mother.

Meanwhile Arianna is doing further research into the events in the area. News reports about the earlier shooting in the everglades mangrove woods and the disappearance of George Algernon Percy.

Vincent Bowen went to visit Morgan and Stanley to hire an assassin to kill George Percy. Not having much money he got a new kid on the cheap for the job. He gave two days for the job to be done, but he has to talk with the boss of BHouse industries the next day to reassure him, nothing will blow back on him.

William Powers introduces his friend John Peterson to Dallas McFarland and Vincent to talk about joining the group. He makes a good impression and asks about the current situation. Vincent reassures him that the George problem has been taken care of. Since George was the leader mission and Vincent his assistant, Vincent has been promoted and is also taking the initiative to get this done. Before no clear leader emerged from the group.

Post George Planning

Vincent Bowen gets a phone call from John Watts, the BHouse boss, about George Algernon Percy. Asking if he was a danger to the trade secrets of the company. Vincent said no and assured him it would be taken care of. Since they were below the minimum team, they have two days to fix their current problems.

He meets with Dallas McFarland and William Powers. Both Vincent and William have been planning to kill George and find someone to blame it on. On of the rival groups if possible. Either the mafia admin or middle managers. But without a way to contact the mafia team, to set a trap, nothing concrete emerges. William suggests he knows someone who would like to join their mission.

William meets with his contact John Peterson and suggests he might light to join the mission. He agrees and they talk about ways to solve the George problem.


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