The smuggling mission

A container is to be removed from the Cargo Ship and taken to a warehouse in Oklahoma. They must device three routes that can be changed between them if something goes wrong. They have $10,000 to device and plan the operation ande a week to bring the plan to Ralph.

It can be brought up the coast through the eastern sea board. Into the back of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico, or on the otherside in or around New Orleans. They have three main modes of transport, by Smaller Cargo ship by Hopper or Jumpcraft, or by VTOL.

Boat is the slowest, but lowest profile. A Hopper can’t hold the container. Would have to be strapped to the outside. The VTOL has the range and the size, but they are more commonly tracked.

The important part is the container must arrive at the warehouse with legitimate papers so it does not arouse suspicion.

Here a nice map for the first part of our planning.

And a second one for the whole routes.


1. Where can we get the illegal legal papers for our goods?
2. Do we need to hire muscles?
3. Do we move the cargo ourselves or do we find someone to move it for us and hide it between legal cargo?
GM says.
Answer 1. You need to find that out. Maybe by a corrupt courier, lax security, use a fake company. That is what the money is for.
answer 2. Depends on your plan. Remember you have to balance protection with knowledge. The more that know the more that can go wrong. The fewer around the less options you have if something goes wrong.


1. Find our where our Doc is right now.

The smuggling mission

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