Clear Waters

The intrigue develops

Dallas needs to arrange the transfer of items. She contacts Willy who is very nervous.
During the day she goes back to her work at the FMC. Basically as an intern/student working at the dock facility where many things are going on. Water based classes, repair shop, sea water filtering and some research.

William is released from hospital into respite care. At his house near the FMC he is assigned a nurse and given an emergency device to call for help. His boss tells him something is in the air, he needs to get into the heart of it before its too late. He calls John Cobb to begin, arranging a meet later that evening.

Percy is in the main university building doing basic lab based grunt work. Now that people know he is a doctor they come to him with problems. Some of them embarrassing and personal in nature. He prescribes the long and painful cure for having fun in dubious places.

He goes to the dock and through his charm gets the phone numbers of the pilot and tour guide to begin his investigation.

Vincent Bowen is still the hero of the hour which he doesn’t understand. People want to take is picture and pose with him. Since he isn’t left alone to work, he is given a brush to sweep up, which causes people to complain at this terrible treatment of a hero. At the end of the day he is taken into the managers office and offered courses in seamanship, which he accepts. He asks about the upcoming elections. The details are still being worked out. Their will be a transitional committee, that will work below the elder council that will be phased out. Then a meet is arranged with the people who offered him work.

Dallas meets with Willy in Port Charlotte at an Indian restaurant. He is very nervous, saying this is the last job he will do before having to move on. He looks at the note, knows where the consignment has hidden been hidden by the hermit. She asks for a pilot, he will do it, but needs to not be followed, they arrange to meet later. He leaves to go to see a movie just as the waiter comes to take the order.

William meets up with John at the local bar. Notices that both undercover cops and mafia spies have followed him in an spread out in the bar. Their is also an English guy watching them. They have a long chat of small talk, then say they need to find where the items are hidden, without his friends nearby.

Vincent meets with the smugglers who want to get the items out as well. They don’t trust the people in the previous chain to follow through. So they need to get in their that night. They will have to use some scare tactics which he has to be ok with. They suspect a spy is in the operation, the mafia know too much, to quickly.

Back in the Uni dorm room Sheriff Jacobs takes him aside, reveals their are problems with the story of the shoot-out. The times mentioned don’t add up. He knows he doesn’t know anything, but if he happened to hear anything that would be great. He dangles the carrot of getting citizenship and at the end threatens deportation


tadcan Nine

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