George Algernon Percy

Captain (ret.) His Grace George Algernon Percy, 27th Duke of Northumberland, CB, CMG, MD, FRCS


It is a shame that the world keeps moving. A few centuries ago, all I would have to worry about would be grumpy peasants and warmongering neighbours. Nothing that couldn’t be solved with a judicious application of force. But nowadays one has to actually work for one’s money and pay attention to whom you tell what. I blame … well … actually, a lot of people. But this would take us too far.

I was born into a priviledged family in the United Kingdom. We were and still are quite prominent both in the UK and in the GEO, although of course my medieaval ancestors would scoff at that type of prominence. No castles, no armies, no lands to speak of. “Only” money and access to the right type of people. Oh well, as I said, the world keeps moving and we have to move along or get crushed.

As a young boy I was torn between becoming a doctor or a soldier, so I simply became both. Medical studies in Oxford with a specialization in surgery, combined with courses for Royal Army Medical Corps officers in Sandhurst. During my active service period I saw my fair share of combat and injuries, mainly caused by rioters, insurgents and roadside IEDs. I quickly learned to prioritize and although I might be lacking in what a civilian doctor would call “bedside manners” I pride myself on efficiency.

Our PR officers despaired when they had to deal with me in the aftermath of a terrorist strike in England, since I prioritized wounded soldiers over injured children and civilians. It is a simple calculation: a soldier of His Majesty’s Army has cost the state quite a penny and is a valuable resource. Some random kid is not. Yes, he might be in a few years, but I deal in hard reality, not in possibilities.

After my term I decided to take a break from the army, do some studies and maybe find a way to get to Poseidon. Genetics has always been a hobby of mine and this blue planet offers interesting possibilities …

Name: George Algernon Percy Goal: Profit Origins: GEO – UK
Age: 29 Motivation: Backgrounds: GEO, University
Gender: M Attitude: Arrogant Professional: Medical (E), Soldier (J)
Species: Transhuman Role: Medic
Build: 1 Awareness: 1 Intellect: 1 Endurance: 3
Fitness: 2 Chemical: 1 Presence: 1 Reflexes: 2
Agility: 2 Hearing: 1 Will: 0 Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2 Intuition: 1 Toughness: 1
Touch: 1
Vision: 1
Survival: 0 Medicine: 3 Firearms: 3
Fishing: 0 First Aid: 7 Handguns: 5
Foraging: 0 General Medicine: 6 Longarms: 5
Mountaineering: 0 Pharmacology: 5
Navigation: 0 Psychology: 3
Orienteering: 0 Surgery: 6
Tracking: 0 Veterinary Medicine: 3
Communication: 1 Stealth: 1 Vehicles: 1
Negotiation: 0 Hiding: 0 Driving
Persuasion: 0 Sneaking: 0
Admin: 1 Agriculture: 0 Athletics: 1
Economics: 0 Animal Husbandry: 0 Aquatics: 0
Farming: 0
Culture: 2 Life Sciences: 2 Physical Sciences: 1
Earth: 5 Biochemistry: 3 Chemistry: 3
GEO: 6 Botany: 0 Meteorology: 0
Zoology: 0
Subterfuge: 1 Tech: 2
Fast-talk: 0 Computers: 6
Mechanics: 3
Gear Biodmods Armour
To be done none none
Speargun 1 6 2 5 10 15 5/10
Hunting Rifle 3 10 10 100 200 600 9

George Algernon Percy

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